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18: Equity partner in over 1,000 apartment units. Raising investment capital and hosting The Side Business Show. -Ike Mutabanna

Ike Mutabanna raises capital for multifamily investments focused on the Dallas real estate market, and he is the president of IHM Business Group. Ike recently completed two apartment deals where he raised $1.5MM. Collectively, Ike is now a partner in over 1,000 apartment units. Ike previously served for over a decade as a CTO for several tech company startups in Boston, and he is the host of the Podcast, “The Side Business Show,” where he conducts interviews focused on side business ventures. Ike was also raised in India, and he and his wife both have a passion for helping marginalized communities in his home country.

About The Interviewer, Jake

Jake Jopling interviews industry leaders to show why an entrepreneurial mindset is a critical aspect of success in most endeavors.

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