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21: OPEX Fitness – 50+ gyms globally and growing with a new coaching approach -Jim Crowell

Jim Crowell is the CEO of OPEX Fitness, a company that is a global leader in fitness coaching and education. The OPEX Fitness brand has over 50+ gyms worldwide and is rapidly growing. Prior to joining OPEX Fitness and eventually taking on the CEO role, Jim founded and ran Integrated Fitness gyms and successfully exited the business with over 500 clients. Jim has also published numerous articles on the subject of fitness, and prior to devoting his energies full-time to fitness, Jim was an oil commodities trader at Griffon Energy Capital, a hedge fund located in Columbus and Austin for over five years.

Jim also recently completed graduate business school at UNC Chapel Hill in only 17 months.

About The Interviewer, Jake

Jake Jopling interviews industry leaders to show why an entrepreneurial mindset is a critical aspect of success in most endeavors.

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