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22: Magoosh – Named twice as happiest company by TINYpulse. $750k capital raise for faster growth. – Bhavin Parikh

Bhavin Parikh is the CEO and Co-Founder of Magoosh, a 30 person online test prep company founded in 2009, which also seeks to make high quality educational material accessible to all. To educate the audience on the meaning of the company name Magoosh, the name is a play on the Persian word “magush,” one who is highly learned, wise, and generous. Prior to founding Magoosh over nine years ago, Bhavin worked in consulting at Deloitte. Bhavin also helped start and implement the Hansoo Lee Fellowship, named in memory of one of the Magoosh Founders. Through the fellowship program, Bhavin has  helped support aspiring entrepreneurs at his alma mater, the Berkeley-Haas graduate school of business. Website for Magoosh:

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