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The Real Estate Executive Recruiting Process and Building Relationships -Matt Slepin

Matt Slepin is one of the most widely known real estate executive recruiters in the country, and is the founder and Managing Partner of Terra Search Partners, based in San Francisco. Prior to his focus on executive recruiting beginning in 1998, Matt spent over 20 years in a variety of real estate leadership capacities, some of which included Executive Director of the Multifamily Housing Institute of Washington DC, Lobbyist for the National Association of Housing Cooperatives, and he helped lead the affordable housing program for the RTC. Matt is also the host of the podcast, “Leading Voices In Real Estate,” where he has interviewed well-known real estate industry leaders such as Sam Zell, Chip Conley, and Gerald Hines.

About The Interviewer, Jake

Jake Jopling interviews industry leaders to show why an entrepreneurial mindset is a critical aspect of success in most endeavors.

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