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00000: The Entrepreneurial Mindset Podcast Trailer

The Entrepreneurial Mindset podcast will be launching on October 18th. The podcast is focused on the inner workings of entrepreneurship and business development. Below is the list of the first eight pre-recorded interviewees and the companies each person works for and/or founded.

1) Bruce Pascal – Cushman & Wakefield

2) Judy Kahl – It’s Judy’s Business

3) Zach Jopling – Suite Spot, LLC and

4) Chad Cadieux – T&D Moravitz and Company

5) Misha Kouznetsov –

6) David Adelman – AREA Real Estate, LLC

7) Phil Laboon – Growth Stackers and Eyeflow Internet Marketing

8) Jim Markovitz – Quality Rolls, Superior Forge and Steel, Markovitz Enterprises, Inc.

I would love to receive feedback (email: you have regarding any recordings that may be of interest once the podcast is up and running on the various Podcast platforms on October 18th.

About The Interviewer, Jake

Jake Jopling interviews industry leaders to show why an entrepreneurial mindset is a critical aspect of success in most endeavors.

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